Trevor Bauer Gaining Traction

Trevor Bauer talks with media in Spring Training 2015.

Trevor Bauer talks with media in Spring Training 2015.

When Trevor Bauer was traded to the Cleveland Indians, there were rumblings. Rumblings about him being “headstrong,” “difficult” and “different,” and not just among team officials as the notion was also parroted by analysts at MLB Network and in Arizona and Cleveland.

Much of the negative centered around the fact he had a training regimen and wasn’t changing for the pitching coaches he encountered in the MLB ranks. Turns out, he wasn’t being difficult, he was following and defending a performance-science template, and brokering no efforts to have him adhere to lesser programs or agendas.

In short, he knew more about the science of pitching, rotational movements, biomechanics and his own body than any of his coaches. And he wasn’t going to change based upon lesser (or no) science.

Now it seems, Trevor has “won over” some of the Indians organization because they’ve seen benefits of his training in not just his performance (injury-free) but in other pitchers on the staff. So the media pendulum swings, making Trevor a lot less difficult and a lot more expert. That’s a good thing, because it also gives him more of a voice of authority; a voice for change.

Having seen this thousands of times as we train our pitchers and position players, this comes at no surprise. One university coach went so far as to mimic a pitcher in front of teammates and parents, lampooning the Dynamic Warmup as “a bunch of karate moves.” This is why CompleteAthlete puts so much energy in teaching Players, Parents and their Coaches … we want to change the next generation of baseball to promote healthy arms, healthy diets, and healthier competitive environments. We want to save a tradition-bound game, and we know that happens with lots of little battles like Trevor’s, where Players stand up for themselves, articulate their reasons for their beliefs and cite science rather than opinion.

If you want more as a Player or Parent, contact us today to learn how following a simple path can lead to reaching one’s biological potential. If you are a Coach, learn more about our 100 Coaches initiative to change the next  generation of baseball.


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