Good Fuel and Planning … It’s More Than Food for Thought

Unfortunately, with the pace at which we attack life, one of the most important aspects of a young athlete’s training is also one of the most abused and ignored.

The goal is to provide athletes and parents of athletes with a template that conforms to a lifestyle rather than a temporary diet or fad diet routine. The food pyramid is a guideline, but athletes especially need additional assistance in meeting the needs for whole foods. It’s often not convenient, and it requires a good amount of planning and discipline, but the reward is a young athlete thriving on great nutrition performing with substantial physiological strength and a superior mental prowess.

CompleteAthlete’s Nutritional Training Pyramid includes the following elements (in order of importance):

  • Whole Foods
  • Food Supplementation (engineered foods and vitamin supplements)
  • Special Needs

Especially vital for growing, performing young athletes is a sound plan that provides the nutrients, water and minerals necessary for peak mental clarity and physiological output. Our Nutrition training involves healthy doses of education rich in examples and meal plans each athlete can follow.

The rising tide of medicines being prescribed for children for chronic diseases and psychological disorders has jumped dramatically. Unless drastic dietary/lifestyle changes are implemented, these diseases (and the prescriptions that accompany them) may be life sentences. And unfortunately, some of the pressures that accompany competition don’t always mesh well medicated young minds.

The CompleteAthlete guidelines help create a functional metabolism to support daily, weekly and seasonal play and varying environmental workloads. Our systems for peak performance include food combinations and ratios, low-glycemic carbohydrates,  cleaner protein sources (pasture fed, free-range, and USDA Organic) and essential fatty acids (the so-called smart fats).  Conventional wisdom minimizes the role of fat in the American diet. The body needs Omega 3, 6 and 9 EFA’s for optimal organ function, joint health, inflammation/anti-inflammation responses, useful energy and for balanced brain and blood chemistry function.

As you can imagine, developing the optimal dietary plans has taken our staff and affiliated researchers decades of work, and the work never ends. CompleteAthlete Members have access to this vault of data and diet plans 24/7. We also cover diet extensively in our Performance Symposiums, Coaches Clinics and Certification programs.

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