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Where Will You Be when It Comes Time for ‘Fight or Flight?’

Once you delve into the nuances of sports psychology and all the factors swirling around athletes’ minds in the throes of competition, it’s a wonder any players are cool cucumbers when conditions are ripe for off-the-charts waves of reactive miscues. Research shows that a pitcher with a winning or tying run on base may experience similar levels of fight-or-flight symptoms to that of a combat airman.

Learning how to achieve levels of calm is but one goal of CompleteAthlete’s Mental Emotional evaluation and training. Our system works to evaluate each athlete’s mindset, providing a profile based on a complex psychometric instrument that is able to pinpoint behavioral characteristics and predict future behavior and performance. The core instrument is supplemented by powerful reports that have been developed through years of clinical research experience. These reports are unmatched in the psychological assessment field.

The Sports Total Assessment Report (STAR) is a predictive behavioral and performance assessment. In less than 15 minutes find out where you measure up with the best athletes in the world mentally and emotionally.

Testing is but part of the Mental Emotional picture. Following testing, each player then meets with a Complete Athlete instructor for a one-hour consultation about his/her assessment. With this awareness comes guidelines for applying this newfound knowledge. CompleteAthlete is not staffed with sports psychologists,  but by addressing this important link in an athlete’s make-up, we assist our Members in assessing commonplace scenarios encountered on and off the field.

Developing stronger leaders is at the core of our charter, and by exposing Players, Parents and Coaches to the possibilities of better understanding the thought processes that both enhance and deter performance, we are working to assist our Members in reaching their genetic potential

To learn more about this vital assessment and toolset for better performance, check the Events page for an independent or USBN Performance Symposium near you. And to get more Mental Emotional information become an Online Member today!
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NOTE: The Flippen  psychometric assessment instrument attains the most stringent level (“C” level instrument), as described by the American Psychological Association, the American Educational Research Association, and the National Council on Measurement in Education. Assessments and Psychological Profiles are ranked according to the validation that has been conducted on the tool and the level of certification and licensure required to administer the assessment. “A” Level instruments are the least restrictive and available to anyone. “B” Level instruments require the administrator of the assessment to have completed a degree from an accredited university and a course in psychological assessments. “C” Level instruments are closely controlled and administered only by individuals with an advanced degree in a profession that provides training in the interpretation of psychological profiles.

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