Who Cares About Biomechanics?

Believe it or not it’s a question we hear often from players, parents and coaches. The answer is simple: You do, IF you want to become your best.

From a science standpoint, biomechanics are  “The laws of physics applied to the human body.” From a baseball standpoint, biomechanics are the basis for your balance, your efficiency, all your moving parts and what you can do to maximize energy and minimize injuries.

At the CompleteAthlete, we start pitchers and position players off with the foundation … the knowledge of seven distinct events that take place from the body’s first movement through the release point. We then measure and analyze movements and make adjustments on the practice field and in training facilities. From there, we often go into high-speed motion analysis to get exacting measurements and observations so we can fine-tune adjustments from the data. Finally, we put all the research and training into action, arming the player, his parents and coaches with the template for maximum efficiency.

Just like the athlete, this study has a lot of moving parts. It’s not something a coach can see with the naked eye sitting on a bucket, and it’s not information you’re getting in any other select-level environment.

So, IF you want to become your best, this performance science is one of four links you need to succeed, and it is woven into discussions, news updates, training videos and on-the-field sessions for our Members. If you want to understand biomechanics as you train properly, avoid injuries and reach your potential, you need to be here. Learn more about an upcoming CompleteAthlete event, and Join us today.
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