Prior Gears up for Comeback

The following was recently found on, and we found it pertinent as Mark Prior is often discussed in our Symposium sessions, both for his exceptional mechanics, and for his subsequent litany of injuries. An excerpt appears here, and is continued here.

NEW YORK — Why me?

It’s the rhetorical question you’d expect to run constantly through the mind of Mark Prior, who had it all — money, talent, promise and drive — but lost it quickly due to injury, which struck his golden right arm with the same ferocity with which his fastballs were once delivered. Prior often wondered why he couldn’t catch a break.

Not anymore.

“One of the things that happened a long time ago is I stopped asking the question, ‘Why?'” he said in a recent phone interview with “The answer doesn’t really matter. I don’t need to know why I’m getting hurt; I just need to know how to get healthy, and that was the answer I was searching for.”

Prior, despite repeated setbacks, somehow believes he has found that answer for good. Now 30 and strictly a reliever, he hasn’t pitched in a Major League game since 2006, but the one Minor League inning he hurled since then put the finishing touches on his belief that he could be a big league pitcher again.

That came this past September, when Prior had just completed a successful one-month stint with the … Continued>

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