Pitchers and Catchers Report

It’s a busy time of year for pitchers.

Getting in game shape, competing for a rotation (or even a roster) spot, mastering pitches and your mental approach is ALL hard work. Mix in a flurry of practices, scrimmages, bullpens, workouts and plenty of coach-parent-instructor-teammate advice, and it is easy to get off track in the early going.

It is a long season, so not being “in tune” or confident of your path at the outset may not be catastrophic, but it can derail some big plans.

I have been asked repeatedly in the last few weeks about chances for lessons, sessions, bullpens, and tune-ups before and during the season. Honestly, it is normally a time when we shut down Complete Athlete activities and prepare for the Coaches Certification and summerand off-season programs.

This spring will be different.

I am going to oversee a Sunday training/tune-up series for elite pitchers in North Texas called CA Select.CA Select

CA Select will be hosted in two distinct afternoon sessions* over the course of several weeks in the spring. Pitchers may register for single or multiple sessions (pricing varies) and will receive individual attention in a small group setting. We are limiting the number of pitchers in each session to eight. Our experience shows this to be the optimal learning environment as there is never a lost moment or chance of boredom. Everyone learns, teaches and benefits exponentially more than a single lesson could ever deliver.

In our Symposiums and Pitcher’s Prep trainings we work like crazy to make each player their own best coach. It’s the only way they’ll succeed. We also know that taking ownership is a timing issue. Some athletes take it on sooner than others. And why not, we’ve taught them to respect coaches, listen to instructors and do what they’re told. Taking charge is a different mindset.

These sessions, may just set the mold for future success. So, if your son is making this spring a priority, enroll now, and take advantage of the best pitching environment he can employ for his game plan in 2011.

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