Collegiate Prep Wraps Up Summer 2011 Campaign

The Complete Athlete Collegiate Prep sessions wrapped up Thursday with final testing on fielding and hitting for the players.

Players wake up leg muscles prior to speed testing.

Pouring through their notebooks and comparing before-and-after scores in functional strength and on-field performance, it became clear to each of the participants, the Summer of 2011 was a benchmark in their growth as players and leaders.

“Our goals centered on helping the young men embrace the template for becoming their absolute best while understanding the minimum standards for collegiate success,” said Donnie Watson. “Each athlete now knows where they stand, how to improve their scores and what it will take to get where they need to be.”

“It’s up to each of them to take ownership of this conditioning and knowledge, if they want to be considered serious recruits by college coaches and want to lead their teams to championships next spring.” he added.

Players worked for six weeks throughout the summer to learn and then apply critical knowledge and skills in CA’s 4-part training. Working in areas of nutrition, functional strength, mechanics and mental-emotional disciplines each athlete developed a deeper understanding of where they fit into college recruitment standards. The camp required substantial work on the field and in the strength center, applying baseball-centric drills and routines.

“Speed and arm strength are key indicators for coaches, but there are so many elements that have to work together to optimize those skills, this program is essential for serious athletes,” said Coach Ski Sullivan. “There’s a huge difference between summer teams that promise to help kids be seen, and a program like this that gives them the tools to make those meetings meaningful. No one is doing what we’ve done here this summer.”

Coaches Clayton Nester and David Pinot rounded out the coaching staff for the camp, developing further the offerings in fielding, hitting and speed skills.

“I think it’s important to note that we delivered on a promise to help these boys learn what it takes to succeed in collegiate baseball and beyond. We have burst the bubbles and debunked the myths and much of what they learned from traditional sources, adds Watson. “If they take this science and really work to realize their genetic potential, you’ll see these faces in uniform for several more years.”


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