Collegiate Prep Starts Second 'Semester'

Speed work helps attain minimum standards for college play

Collegiate Prep, the ultimate recruitability instruction program, enters week #4 on July 11.

Weeks 1-3 saw some changes in many of the 50 or so young men participating. Most notable was the undoing of bad habits learned through years of hand-me-down coaching techniques and counsel.

“It’s sad but so true that these athletes have been handed some seriously-flawed information from their select and school coaches, says Director Donnie Watson. “We’ve spent a lot of time clearing their minds so they can adjust and get on a path that will at least allow them to reach their potential.”

And the boys have worked very hard, physically pushing themselves in everything from the Dynamic Warmup, to proper strength and conditioning, through the speed drills necessary for upgrading their on-the-field performance.

While fundamentals are addressed several times each session, getting to a recruitable profile requires each player knowing where they stand in the many criteria evaluated by college recruiters and scouts. Players record their progress throughout the sessions, carrying their CP manual often from station to station.

CA's Dynamic Warmup is essential for injury avoidance

“We have to make sure they understand the benchmarks, and how to get there,” adds Watson. “Speed and arm strength are essential for getting noticed, but if the other components aren’t in place there’s trouble. We’re evaluating and teaching constantly.”

Players wishing to attend weeks 4-6 may do so following discussions with Donnie Watson for evaluation purposes. There will be an element of “catch-up” in knowledge and items already covered, but a dedicated athlete will be able to assimilate the earlier information.

For additional details, please phone Donnie Watson @ 214.704.8017. Registration is on our Collegiate Prep page.


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