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The Coaches Certification Program is designed to teach coaches, parents and the support staff of all aspiring baseball and softball athletes the latest scientific data and research needed to maximize athletic performance and minimize the risk of injury. To register for our 2015 Coaches Certification, click here.

coaches-cert-jan09Why is a Coaches Certification Program needed?

Market Trends
Although the target markets in baseball and softball are untapped, due to the perpetual influx of first time tee ball and coach-pitch players (ages 6-8) entering the market every year, very little information regarding up to date competitive health and injury prevention has been monitored nationally. Inclusion of this information as part of a coaches certification program does not exist. As a result, the target market continues to depend on a loosely defined (often diluted with personal bias based on ego and theory) traditional model for arm care.

This model has shown little regard to teach and implement the latest science based bio-mechanic templates for competitive health and improved performance. The market must be made aware and be able to join in the national debate to challenge the traditional model, its track record for injury prevention and awareness as upper extremity injuries continue to rise in baseball and softball. Pitchers, in both sports, receive the majority of publicity regarding elbow and shoulder surgeries, but lost time injuries leading to a surgical conclusion among position players is currently on the increase.

Traditional training, teaching, coaching and certification templates are not solving the injury problems in either sport. Females may be more susceptible to upper extremity injuries as overuse trauma, lack of understanding about periodization training and over-scheduling is the rule and not the exception in softball. This market is seeking answers to identify the bio-mechanic components of proper pitching and throwing mechanics in order to improve performance and, most importantly, minimize risk of injury, however no open dialogue from a medical or scientific perspective exists.

A pioneer is needed to connect the market with the advanced scientific performance models that exist today. Interpretation and dissemination of the information at the local and community level will give strength to a national movement for change. The market will benefit and more athletes will see improved competitive results, longer careers and acquire life lessons about nutrition, strength and conditioning and mental/emotional skills to compete, at the highest level possible, for life.

The first of three fronts needed to challenge the language of traditional track record is the Complete Athlete Certification Program. This program will be designed to teach coaches, parents, and support staff of all aspiring athletes the most up to date scientific data and research needed to maximize athletic performance and minimize the risk of injuries.

Based on the Four Competitive Health and Performance Absolutes Model, the Complete Athlete and hosting institution, The Andrews Institute, can serve as the nucleus of a national movement to inform, instruct, and inspire an untapped and unlimited market. The Complete Athlete will be the proven translator of a science based language that offers the baseball and softball market an opportunity to understand the information that bio-mechanists, nutritionists and orthopedic physicians provide. This information is crucial to better define the methodology to develop the elite athlete. An approved Complete Athlete curriculum and certification program will allow hundreds of coaches, teachers, parents and athletes to receive the latest scientific information and become the extended voice of the Complete Athlete in their own community. Continued research and development facilitates the need for a continued education program for The Complete Athlete Certified Coaches and Staff and the Andrews Institute.

dynamic-wmup300pxThe second front needed involves the expansion of the Complete Athlete Performance Enhancement Centers, across the country, to teach athletes of all ages the competitive health and performance absolutes. This training and enhancement center swill be used to improve, identify, and develop pre-habilitative protocols for injury prevention and improved athletic performance as well as rehabilitative protocols for athletes that are already injured. Revenue streams for the interactive performance centers include introductory symposiums for athletes and parents, nutritional, strength and conditioning, mental and emotional assessments, 3D motion analysis, and ongoing skill development via weekly training regimens and monthly prep programs.

The development of the certification program and the addition of successful performance centers, across the country, will determine the success of a national movement to improve the health and performance issues facing the over 30 million baseball and softball athletes today. The success of our efforts will culminate with a third front needed to change the existing teaching template in our sport today, The 1st National Baseball and Softball Injury Prevention and Awareness Day to be simulcast to a national audience. It will be a continued goal of The Complete Athlete and the Andrews Institute to mobilize every Complete Athlete certified instructor and the hundreds of athletes that have benefited from the science based competitive health absolutes to showcase our efforts via a national media outlet.

Complete Athlete Certified Coaching Designations & Requirements
The certified coach possesses the desire to improve their overall knowledge of the game and the added desire to host symposiums and clinics regionally and in their community. The Complete Athlete Coach will be given additional tools and responsibilities relative to their certification.

Certified Instructor:
Cost: $750
Interested instructors will be certified to teach the Complete Athlete’s science based and statistically validated template based on the Four Performance Variables to individuals and their teams. Complete Athlete Certified Instructors will have the opportunity to host a Complete Athlete Symposium/Clinic taught by a Certified Coach with a pre-arranged revenue split.

Certified Instructor requirements
Pay $300 recertification fee each year

Attend a Certification event every 2 years as a continuing education requirement

Certified Faculty Member:
Cost: $1,200
Interested instructors will be certified to teach the Complete Athlete’s science based and statistically validated template based on the Four Performance Variables to individuals and their teams and host Complete Athlete Symposiums and Clinics at their own facilities and as guests at Complete Athlete Certified Instructor venues.

Athletic Trainers
Athletic trainers who are members of the NATA will receive 22 CEU’s for attending the Complete Athlete Coaches Certification at The Andrews Institute.

Athletic Trainers:
Cost: $495
Athletic trainers will attend sessions on:

  • Throwing protocols and demands of baseball and softball players of all ages.
  • Rehabilitative and prehabilitative exercises that will maximize performance and minimize the risk of injury.
  • Nutritional needs, diets and schedules for preparing, competing, and repairing athletes today.
  • Functional fitness exercises that maximize performance in throwing and striking athletes as well as preventing injuries will also be taught.
  • Efficient bio-mechanics of throwing and pitching along with the mental and emotional aspect of dealing with athletes will round out the certification course.
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