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Notes from Complete Athlete’s Parents and Players
We receive a lot of correspondance from Parents and Players who have seen changes in performance, attitudes and understanding of the game following Complete Athlete Symposiums, Pitcher-Prep programs and individual instruction.

Here are some recent samples:

Can’t say enough about the results since two weeks ago at the Hogan Center. Avery has been referring to his booklet, and incorporating the mechanics instruction into his bullpen work. The excitement can only continue to build at this point so keep up the great work
Ski Sullivan


The bulk of my career has been dedicated to improving the health and performance of athletes of all ages as a medical professional and as an advocate for guidelines that promote injury prevention in all sports. Injuries in baseball and softball, in spite of great medical advances and mandates performance guidelines that err on the side of safety, continue to rise.

I support the effort of The Complete Athlete, as a leading voice in a national movement, to teach players, parents, and coaches a science based approach to develop safe, efficient and effective performance protocols for pitchers of all ages. The Andrews Institute is always available to support you as a player, parent, or coach to make informed choices to reach your fullest potential.

Dr. James Andrews
The Andrews Institute


Jen & Donnie,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note about the symposium held in Fort Worth last weekend.

WOW!!! does not capture the Impact the weekend made on my
16 yr. old son Clay, who is an outfielder. As you know my older son Drew, a
college pitcher, had attended two of your symposiums over the past
few years. Clay left with more information, drills, tools and Motivation to improve his performance on the field than I ever expected.

The greatest feeling for a concerned parent is knowing everything you are teaching meets the approval of Sports Medicine Surgeons, Physical Therapists, Trainers, and is backed with scientific research (Not Opinion).

Thank you Both in your Mission developing my son and other into truly Complete Athletes. If Clay never plays beyond High School Baseball, the information learned
in the Symposium will sever him well as he Competes in All areas of Life!

Wishing you Complete-Success in 2009.

David Johnson


Donnie Watson helped Taylor with mental and physical growth through conditioning and core strength. As parents, we appreciated the goal of health-first in his development.


My two sons, Kevin (14) and Kyle (12), had a blast at the last Complete Athlete Pitching Symposium and Clinic in Gulf Breeze, Florida. This program is an absolute must for every youth baseball or softball pitcher that aims at taking their game to the next level.

I really like how you set the kids down in a classroom setting, and present the four performance absolutes in depth, including real life examples of success and failure. You keep it interesting and easy to understand, while challenging the kids to imagine their pitching performance as a table and the four absolutes (proper biomechanics, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and the mental game) as the four legs of the table. The table will fail under pressure if one of the four legs is weak.

The dynamic warm-up alone was worth the price of the clinic. We have introduced it to both of my son’s baseball teams. The on-field throwing sessions were a lot of fun and very instructive. My two sons loved the throwing drills, the introduction to strength and conditioning training, and of course the bullpen sessions with the instructors / coaches.

Kevin and Kyle have stepped up their game since they started working with you last fall. They have made big improvements in their approach to the game of baseball by implementing the dynamic warm up and focusing on the four absolutes. They both threw no-hit shutouts yesterday in the ASP Marucci Wood Bat Classic in Pace / Pensacola, Florida. Kevin’s fastball was low to mid 80’s and he had great command of his curveball and change up. Kyle’s fastball was low 70’s and he kept the ball down and hit his spots well. I liked their presence and confidence on the mound, and the way they challenge hitters and controlled their pitch counts.

Thanks for all of the valuable information and instruction, and we look forward to working with you at the next Complete Athlete Pitching Symposium and Clinic.

Jayson Davis
Brewton, Alabama

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