The Dynamic Warmup


Say Goodbye to Static Stretching

CompleteAthlete has been a proponent of a dynamic warmup procedure for over 20 years. With origins in Japanese baseball training, a dynamic warmup is crucial for increasing blood flow to warm muscles, tendons and ligaments so that throwing, running, hitting and fielding are next-natural movements and less likely to cause injury.

Point of fact, the assorted odd “stretching” that coaches prescribe to players across the U.S. can do more harm than good, exposing athletes to throwing, running and rotational injuries.  Anaerobic running (it’s not a race) followed by static stretching and calisthenics (circle up) often create more damage and weaknesses to muscles, tendons and ligaments that are not sufficiently warmed to experience a full range of motion. Add to this regimen the countless wasted throws players endure and it is easy to connect the dots between this flawed foundation for performance and the timeworn teachings that are injuring players and stealing their potential each year.

Players at all of our Performance Symposiums experience the same “Aha” moment when they throw their first ball at 60 feet at 80% of effort after the Dynamic Warmup. No flipping the ball or high arced soft tosses. The ball zips from their hands and pops the glove of their throwing partner. They look up and smile, knowing this is different than any other warmup in their lives.

All teams in the United States Baseball Network are required to utilize the Dynamic Warmup prior to their trainings, practices and games, and elements of collegiate and professional baseball are now beginning to embrace dynamic movement prior to exercises and stretching. The only place to learn our proprietary “warm-up to loosen-up to throw” sequence is from a Certified Complete Athlete Coach or Instructor.

CompleteAthlete offers Dynamic Warmup Clinics to Players, Parents and Coaches as a means of introducing our Performance Symposium curriculum. It is a vital component to achieving the functional strength required to perform at an optimal level. It is also integral in understanding the biomechanics of throwing a baseball or softball with any level of repeatable proficiency.

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