Why Complete Athlete?

The CompleteAthlete is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to educating and training in baseball and softball with the sole purpose of reversing epidemic-level injury trends plaguing the sports.

By training and certifying athletes and coaches, we are striving to help each player reach his or her maximum genetic potential. Certification also serves to assist those who wish to pursue their sports beyond high school and on into college or professional ranks. The CompleteAthlete is currently engaged in a broad educational campaign with NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA member schools and coaching staffs to assist them in identifying candidates who have completed our training as well as the classroom and field-training accomplishments specified in the certification curriculum.

Complete Athlete’s Mission

The Complete Athlete is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to educate athletes, parents, and coaches using a unique combination of on-the field work, mental/ emotional development, weight room regimens, and nutritional guidelines, using proven scientific methods while working to develop the complete prepare, compete, repair and recovery cycles of an elite athlete.

In addition to teaching athletes to compete more effectively and to avoid injury, it is the mission of the CompleteAthlete to help young athletes learn life lessons that will enable them to take more responsibility for their athletic development and to become better leaders on and off the field. The staff and faculty of the CompleteAthlete are dedicated to facilitating research to support its mission and to widely disseminate the best information available.

CA regularly hosts educational, training and development symposiums and events, charging a nominal fee to cover costs for the events. We rely upon our generous corporate, sports and parent sponsor donations to further our activities and inroads into forever changing the training, performance and achievement dynamics of the great game.

How to Get Involved

CompleteAthlete regularly conducts Performance Symposiums, Dynamic Warmup Clinics and Coaches Certifications independently and in conjunction with the United States Baseball Network (USBN). These sessions provide the education and instruction required for Certification, and ultimately to utilize our training, mental emotional and nutrition templates for optimal performance. To learn more about these events, click here.

CA also offers monthly and annual Online Memberships to a proprietary body of training instruction, video demonstrations, webcasts, apps and printable materials for use in coaching, self-instruction, training, news updates and ultimately for our athletes, achieving one’s genetic potential.
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