9 Reasons Why You Need to Be Here

The Complete Athlete is hosting its Preseason PerformanceHealth Symposium January 22, 23, 2011. This will be an exciting event as players learn what it will take to make their 2011 Spring Season their best-ever, and where their careers could go from here.

In a letter to CA eNews Subscribers this week, Donnie Watson outlined nine key results players receive in a Symposium. If you’re serious about this spring, and want to perform your best while  avoiding injury, register today.

Here’s the list:

• Prepares Pitchers and Position Players to recognize mechanics of better play and adjust “on the fly.”

• Eliminates seasonal strength losses due to improper warm-ups (static stretches after jog)

• Guides athletes through weekly functional strength workouts to accompany practice schedules. Finish as strong as they start.

• Reviews nutritional sabotage most players engage in, and provides template for optimal health and mental focus from foods/fluids.

• Resets Mental/Emotional stress indicators, empowering athletes in fight/flight competitive scenarios.

•Puts players on path to personal genetic potential, often eliciting 10-20% performance improvement in 3-4 weeks.

•Provides overall prepare/compete/repair template for optimal season strength and performance health.

•Eliminates wasted time on “traditional” hitting,/throwing/conditioning drills shown to be ineffective.

• Provides self-awareness and confidence from written, self-determined progress path

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