Winter Sessions Announced – The Off-Season Heats Up

registerNow that fall ball’s wrapped up and the real off-season has begun, we’re jumping in full force for preparing for the Spring 2011 season. What we achieve in these next weeks will be very important to January tryouts and February workouts for our Players. More importantly, it will lay the groundwork for those who do the work to actually finish their season as strongly as they begin it.

Here’s how the December/January/February Sessions will work:

— We will be hosting the Pitcher’s Prep
Advanced Sessions
for all players who have previously attended a Performance
Health Symposium

Pitcher’s Prep is the ultimate application of everything learned in a symposium.
These workouts, bullpen and instructional sessions include practical, day-by-day implementation
of exactly the type of prepare/perform/repair cycles pitchers will follow regardless of starter
or reliever positions on a team.pitcher's Prep Events

Even better, working through these 20 sessions will prepare each player for the season ahead using methods he’s never applied before. The results will be an eye opener, and the confidence and conditioning outstanding.

OUR Rod Dedeaux Research and Baseball Institute
WILL COINCIDE WITH DATES FOR THE PITCHER’S PREP for those who wish to participate. This prestigious national study, developed in conjunction with the National Pitching Association and Dr. Tom House of USC, will track each athlete’s progress through the pitcher’s prep workouts and measure the true impact on joint integrity and strength. This is rigorous science – using multiple measurements and assessments by specifically trained personnel – never before performed in North Texas.

Each study participant will receive a performance record of their progress, a certificate of completion as well as recognition on our web site and in the final study documentation when published for peer review in 2011. This recognition may be applied to his recruiting dossier, and to our upcoming Complete Athlete Player Certification program requirements.

In order to accommodate the extra preparation for these exciting sessions, we will be moving the December Performance Health
Symposium to January 15, and 16, 2011.

This weekend event will introduce players (pitchers and position players) to the science behind all our methods, and will teach each attendee (in classroom and on the field) the four basics (mechanics, mental/emotional, nutrition and functional strength) necessary to reach their
genetic maximum potential. This proven system changes lives and outlooks, providing a template for success that only a handful of instructors/facilities are capable of sharing effectively in the entire United States.

If you have received Complete Athlete mailings before and have been waiting for the right time to take advantage of this event, act now. The Symposium is limited to 25 players.


Trinity Christian Academy in Addison, serves as the host for our classroom, field and strength-training segments. It’s a beautiful facility, and every amenity is available to our attendees.

Registration has been brisk throughout the fall, in part because we’re seeing more and more parents and athletes looking for an edge in preparing for showcases, tryouts and high-visibility play. Maybe it’s the down economy, but competition seems more fierce.

Unfortunately, that’s also brought more stories of arm abuse, poor training, harmful diets and general ignorance of what it takes to become an elite performer. And now the abuse will be amplified by athletes participating in poorly-designed off-season lifting and training programs or by last-minute efforts to “catch up” from months of inactivity.

Please join us for our off-season events, and make an investment in your athlete that will pay dividends in his preparation, play, confidence and self awareness.The dates for Winter 2010/2011 are:

*NOTE: Participation in the Pitcher’s Prep & RDRBI Study requires a Performance Health Symposium credit, However we will accommodate athletes who have not attended a symposium by integrating the class work and on-field trainings at the beginning of the Pitcher’s Prep schedule. There will be an additional fee for this, so please review the registration form for details.

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