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The Coaches Certification Program is designed to teach coaches, parents and the support staff of all aspiring baseball (and softball) athletes the latest scientific data and research needed to maximize athletic performance and minimize the risk of injury.

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Why is a Coaches Certification Program needed?
Baseball’s current coaching model has shown little interest in teaching and implementing the latest science based bio-mechanic templates for competitive health and improved performance. And while top-down efforts from MLB (SmartPitch) and recognized sports medicine leaders (Dr. James Andrews) are working to limit pitch counts and guide programs to better practices, there needs to be more voices in the national debate to challenge the traditional model, its track record for injury prevention and awareness as upper-extremity injuries continue to rise. Pitchers receive the majority of publicity regarding elbow and shoulder surgeries, but lost-time injuries leading to a surgical conclusion among position players is currently on the increase.

Traditional training, teaching, coaching and certification templates are not solving the injury problems. Baseball is seeking answers without teaching its coaching base to identify the bio-mechanic components of proper pitching and throwing mechanics in order to improve performance and, most importantly, minimize risk of injury. Other than programs like the National Pitching Association and CompleteAthlete, no open dialogue from a medical or scientific perspective exists.

A pioneer (like you) is needed to connect the market with the advanced scientific performance models that exist today. Interpretation and dissemination of the information at the local and community level will give strength to a national movement for change. Baseball will benefit and more athletes will see improved competitive results, longer careers and acquire life lessons about nutrition, strength and conditioning and mental/emotional skills to compete, at the highest level possible, for life.

CoachesCert-MontageLeading the way is the CompleteAthlete Coaches Certification Program. This program will be designed to teach coaches, parents, and support staff of all aspiring athletes the most up to date scientific data and research needed to maximize athletic performance and minimize the risk of injuries. Based on the Four Competitive Health and Performance Absolutes Model, Coaches Certification can serve as the nucleus of a national movement to inform, instruct, and inspire an untapped and unlimited market.

Every Certified Coaches participant will attend sessions on:

  • Throwing protocols and demands of baseball of all ages
  • Rehabilitative and prehabilitative exercises that will maximize performance and minimize the risk of injury
  • Nutritional needs, diets and schedules for preparing, competing, and repairing athletes today
  • Functional fitness exercises that maximize performance in throwing and striking athletes as well as preventing injuries will also be taught
  • Efficient bio-mechanics of throwing and pitching along with the mental and emotional aspect of dealing with athletes will round out the certification course

CompleteAthlete has designed a three-tiered Coaches Curriculum to enable all our Coaches to pursue the knowledge and expertise level that suits them best. This includes:

  • The Coaches Certification
  • The Train the Trainer Certification
  • The Platinum Coaches Certification

The Coaches Certification is about “Why you need to know what you don’t know!” This three-day session covers all of the basics related to CA’s performance-science template, and creates coaches better-prepared to instruct and develop healthier, higher performing athletes. In fact, through their instruction and testing, certified coaches have shown themselves to better prepared than 98% of their peers. Certified coaches will qualify for compensation to host PerformanceSymposiums and Parent Clinics. Cost $300. Click here for info on our upcoming Cert in North Texas August 7,8,9, 2015.

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The Train the Trainer Certification is Part II of the coaches certification process. Call it  the “How to” for developing a baseball business. Train the Trainer Certification is for those leaders seeking to host CompleteAthlete events (including Coaches Certification Part I) and to bring this training to teams, select- and travel-baseball organizations and schools. Graduates will have the tools to certify additional coaches, design CompleteAthlete training and practice routines and influence the lives of  athletes and coaches, earning compensation in the process. Cost $400.

The Platinum Coaches Certification is designed for the coach, director and/the “on the field” expert that wants to be a Player Symposium and Clinic lead instructor, certify coaches, and make the biggest difference in the lives of a generation of athletes. This is Part III of the CompleteAthlete Coaches Certification courses and must be entrusted to our best-of-the-best leaders. This level of advanced expertise is designed for a clinical director, high-profile instructor or trainer or baseball business builder that believes the traditional baseball model is in need of a complete paradigm shift. With multiple income opportunities, a Platinum Certified Coach should be looking to reach thousands of athletes each year via team or organization events, symposiums and clinics. As a Platinum Coach, you have an unlimited income potential that matches your passion for making the biggest difference you can make in the lives of players, parents and coaches. Cost $1800.

Athletic Trainers:

Athletic trainers who are members of the NATA will receive 22 CEU’s for attending the Complete Athlete Coaches Certification.
Cost: $495

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